Saturday, March 12, 2005

Nighttime escape from the winter

Last night I dreamed that my family and I went to San Francisco. I was so *relieved* to be back in the city, but I felt like I had to convince my parents and my brother that the Bay Area was a great place to live. So we drove around and I pointed out all the amazing architecture, the great hiking, and I tried to explain why the quality of life was better. At one point, we had to drive over a really big bridge that was part of the 101s. I was so scared of the bridge because it was very high, very narrow and there were no barriers between the lanes and the edge of the bridge. So I hunkered down in the car as we drove over--as long as I couldn't see the bridge's height or narrowness, I was okay. And I knew I had to go over the bridge in order to get where I was going next.

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