Thursday, March 17, 2005

Got to take the good with the bad

Oh joy! KCRW is airing a show on art and architecture in LA on the second and fourth Mondays of each month. Thanks to Archidose for the heads-up. The show's been on the air for almost a year, but it started after I moved, so this is extra exciting news.

And good news is definitely needed after yesterday's Bush extravaganza. His latest round of brilliant initiatives are going to completely fuck this country, the planet, the environment and everything other little thing he can get his grubby, smirking, idiotic mitts on.

Thank you, Matt Baldwin. You made my day.

I want to be militant and pick up the MoveOn torch. I really do. But there are days when it's hard not to feel completely impotent. Resistance is futile--or so it seems. But if Bush is really like the Borg queen, then he has some tiny, hidden flaw that someone will locate, and it will cause him to spontanously combust.

My finger. Is on the button.

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Matthew said...

You're weclome.