Monday, March 28, 2005

Brain buzzing before bed

It poured rain today, and when I came out of yoga class, the air and rain felt so GOOD that I walked all the way home in a T-shirt and yoga pants just so I could be outside in the lovely, cool air. I've made a decision to do a yoga retreat in Hawaii this July with a teacher I studied with in LA. For a while I was going back and forth about whether to do the trip because I didn't want a new adventure to be about hanging onto bits of the past, but I don't think it will be like that. I'm going to visit Higgypiggy and Chiztiz in LA very soon, and I'm feeling good about going back to the city and making new memories there. For the first time, the idea of going to LA doesn't make me choke with panic or cry at the thought of not going back to my old apartment. It's time to weave that part of my life into my current existence in a healthy, empowering way. Who cares if Glenn's even in town when I go---this time it's not about him.

I'm feeling really ready to re-enter the dating world, or preferably the relationship world. In yoga, I meditated on opening up to new experiences and I guess we'll see what the universe sends along. My friends and I are hitting the MFA First Friday again this week, and I'm going to check out some other stuff around town. It's time to get out and meet some new people. It still makes me slightly uncomfortable to do it with a sort of alterior motive. Reasons why I will never do 8-minute dating or some such.

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