Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter candy addicts anonymous

Hello. My name is Moxie. And I am a jelly bean-aholic.

Since I am single this year and thus unable to celebrate Easter as a pagan holiday of fertility, my sole nod to this day of rebirth is via candy. Lots of candy, specifically of the jelly and the bean varieties.

I've put away two bags of Brachs jelly beans in the past two days. And that's not counting the Starburst jelly beans I knawed my way through last week. Or the jelly eggs I picked up from CVS on Friday. It's the hormones, I swear. That and my body wants the sugar to fuel the growth of my quad muscles, which are bulking up due to the fact that the stadium has defrosted and I'm doing stairs again regularly. That must be it.

Still, the madness has to end. I am hereby swearing off candy forever. Or at least until my sweet tooth kicks in right around when PMS shows up next month. Aieeeee.

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