Thursday, November 30, 2006

Last gasp

There's a tree near Back Bay station that hasn't lost its leaves. I walked out the door today and was struck by the unexpected blast of green in the midst of all the winter gray and brown. The leaves are clinging stubbornly to the branches with a defiance that I have to admire. Maybe those leaves know more than we do about how warm this winter will be. Those leaves are not giving up.

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ElleCharlie said...

Maybe the leaves don't have access to accurate wheather forecasts? Ignorance is bliss and optomism, even when it's unwarranted, works wonders. Good luck brave leaves!

Did you ever read that kids book about leaves fallling off trees that's an analogy for death? It's all natural-cycle-of-the-world and stuff. I still think it's sad when the leaves die. Embracing death has never been my thing. That 'optomism in the face of adversity' mentioned above clearly isn't a quality I possess.

This comment screams Seasonal Affective Disorder but really I just have PMS :)