Monday, November 06, 2006

I like his style

On the T ride home tonight, the train stopped between North Station and the Museum of Science and sat on the tracks for a good 5 minutes. Finally, with no oncoming trains in sight, the conductor opened the door, stepped out onto the tracks, flipped a switch on the wall, and got the train moving again. It was nice to see someone take charge.

Usually the full moon has me all in a tizzy, but this month I feel grounded and balanced. Happy. Present. I kicked up into handstand and held it in yoga. Five times. I managed a phone call with my mother without losing my patience. There's so much to do but tonight..I can handle it.

The shower was wonderful. My best friend has a new house near Groton and it's a homey house, the kind that makes me want to procreate immediately after walking in the door because it's a place where you want to have a family. And we did have family--30 people showed up with food and drink. We ate, we drank, we played only one silly game, and we opened gifts. Amazingly, everyone seemed to get along, which is always a miracle when you're mixing people from 5 different worlds. I'm always struck by the people who make an effort, the ones who are there through thick and thin, even if you don't talk to them every day. I wish I had pictures to post but the batteries in our camera died almost immediately after the party started.

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