Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Taking care of business

Voting felt momentous today. It felt like a bigger deal than usual, even though Massachusetts is not really at risk of going red. I saw a good friend and a couple of our neighbors while I was waiting in line. There was a line! At 8am! That seemed like a good sign.

Voting is fun. Flu shots? Not so much. My company had a clinic at work today and I decided to get pricked. I’ve been told that this is responsible but I also know that flu shots ensure at least one day of feeling flu-y. I suppose that’s a good tradeoff considering that the full-fledged flu lasts for a week. Still, I’m such a needle wuss. Needles are right up there with sharks and ticks as things that make me scream and writhe. I once bit a nurse (accidentally!) when she jabbed me with a really big needle. What can I say? She put her arm right across my face.

I keep checking news sites for voting results but of course it’s too early. Gah!

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