Thursday, November 16, 2006


There is no excuse for Newark Intl. Airport. None. It's a black hole, an extension of the Bermuda triangle, a place of darkness and depair. Apparently, it's a running joke among consultants that every flight to or from Newark will be delayed at least 2hrs. Infamous for its scheduling inconsistencies, it's part of that grand New Jersey tendency to make every little thing as confusing or difficult as possible. Can you tell PMS is making me cranky? Can you tell I'm not a big Jersey fan? Sorry, Magpie, the tomatoes just don't make up for it.

Right now Lunchboy is stuck in the Newark airport where, he reports, his flight is delayed indeterminately. The air conditioning has gone out, the post-security food stations are out of bottled water, and none of the airline staff can tell anyone when the flight will depart. All this because it's cloudy outside and that automatically means the entire airport gets shut down. You'd think Newark was in the deep South when a whole inch of snow shuts the place down.

Stupid Newark.

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