Tuesday, November 21, 2006


Today Lunchboy and I were interviewed for a CNET story on fantasy football leagues and how they drive traffic to sites like Yahoo, ESPN, and CBS. The reporter was endlessly amused by my less than subtle obsession with my team, as well as the fact that 3 of the top 5 teams in our league are run by women who've never played fantasy football before. MeanG is second. I'm third. The men in the league who have been playing for years are a little bitter but also, I suspect, kind of turned on.

Who knows if what either of us said will make the article, but if it does I'll post it.

If we're talking about technology, what CNET really should have interviewed Lunchboy about is the Nintendo Wii. He is intimately familiar with everything about the Wii except actually owning it, and that's only because it was a toasty 37 degrees outside on Saturday night and he couldn't convince himself to stand in line/camp out all night when he could theoretically wait a week and get one in a nice, warm store. His logic lasted until Sunday morning when he found out that his best friend scored a Wii after waiting at midnight up at the Toys R Us in Peabody. Then the envy set in hardcore.

Here's what conversations in our house have been like for the past few months:

LB: What do you want for dinner?

M: Pizza maybe? I could also go for pad thai.

LB: You know what I could go for? A Wii. Can I get one of those to go, please?

M: If you can wait a month, sure.

LB (channeling Cartman): C'mon!!!!! C'mon!!!!!!!

I'm all for the Wii acquisition if only because it'll mean we don't have to have this conversation another 40 times.

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