Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Workety work work

Today I am thankful for my job because working here means that I am not working at the job I had two jobs ago, or at the first job I had out of college. I am grateful for this fact because last night I had a dream about someone I worked with at both of those former places of employment, and the humiliation I'd suffer if I had to face him today would be off the charts. Hasn't everyone had dreams about coworkers? It's not a voluntary thing so it's not like it can be controlled, but even though the person doesn't know you had the dream, it still feels like they must. Because there they were, in your dream, doing things that would definitely get them fired in real life. So I am relieved that I don't have to face this guy because my face would be very, very red.

In other work weirdness-related news, I had a lunch pseudo-date with one of the consultants at my company today and I am now understanding the wisdom against dating coworkers. I say it was a pseudo-date because he brought a girl to the Christmas party and for all I know he is still attached, but he did ask me out for Thai. And the conversation definitely had that "I'm running down a mental checklist of potential partner attributes" feel to it. And it was fun. He is cute and nice and funny. He likes Star Wars (this is a plus for someone who dressed up as Princess Leia for eight Halloweens, including my senior year in college), he does yoga and he's a gentleman.

But now I am wary of walking by his desk. Thank god it was just lunch. I can't imagine how people carry on inter-office affairs without one of them having to leave the company.

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