Friday, April 15, 2005

A day of predictions

As my 30th birthday approaches, I thought it only fitting that I take a look at this whole Popstrology phenomenon and see what my birth song has to say about my life curve. Being an Aries born on the cusp of Taurus, I am not surprised to find that the number one songs on and after my birthday are….interesting.

April 6-19: Elton John, “Philadelphia Freedom”
April 20-26: B.J. Thomas, “(Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song

For the record, I have never been much of an Elton John fan. As for my birth year, here’s what the Popstrology gods have to say:

1975—The Year of Elton John
It was a year of wild diversity -- a year in which nonconformity was the official popstrological credo, as evidenced by the significant activity in the constellation Sui Generis. Elton John was not the only one-of-a-kind star from that constellation of incomparables to work his magic in the pop universe of 1975, for under his benevolent and nonjudgmental rule two more icons of individuality emerged: the unstoppable John Denver and the inexplicable Barry Manilow. When you consider that they were born at a time when millions of Americans who had never been within fifty miles of a working farm were walking around humming about haystacks and flapjacks under the influence of John Denver's Thank God I'm A Country Boy, it should be no mystery why the children of the Elton John generation are such enemies of traditional boundaries and barriers and such non-sticklers for plausibility in matters of identity construction.

On the spiritual side of things, Osho had a mouthful for me and my evil, coworker-entangling ways:

Letting Go:
In this image of lotus leaves in the early morning, we can see in the rippling of the water that one drop has just fallen. It is a precious moment, and one that is full of poignancy. In surrendering to gravity and slipping off the leaf, the drop loses its previous identity and joins the vastness of the water below. We can imagine that it must have trembled before it fell, just on the edge between the known and the unknowable. To choose this card is a recognition that something is finished, something is completing. Whatever it is--a job, a relationship, a home you have loved, anything that might have helped you to define who you are--it is time to let go of it, allowing any sadness but not trying to hold on. Something greater is awaiting you, new dimensions are there to be discovered. You are past the point of no return now, and gravity is doing its work. Go with it--it represents liberation.

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