Friday, April 01, 2005

Unexpected adventure

I wish I could say that what happened today was an April Fool's joke but it wasn't--it was just me getting completely turned around and feeling foolish.

I went for a run during lunch and when I got to the place where I usually turn right, I took a left on a whim. I knew there was a loop going back toward work in the other direction, so I decided to try and find it. Except the roads in Lincoln make no sense. After 50 minutes, I had no idea where I was. So I stopped at an elementary school and asked one of the teachers how to get back to where I worked. A couple of other people came over to help, and when I told them where I needed to go, they laughed. "You're like miles away!" one of them told me. So the first guy gave me a ride back in his car. Not that I felt great about getting in a strange man's car, but I figured that if all the other daycare people knew where we were going (and they trusted him with small children), I was probably okay. He was nice--we chatted all the way, and when he dropped me off, I thanked him profusely. "Don't worry about it," he said. "That's what we're all here for--to be angels for one another."

So nice. And I wasn't that late getting back to work. I did feel pretty dumb, though. Next time I'll stick to my regular route.

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