Sunday, April 24, 2005

Least complicated

So it happened again. I am full of shit. Moxie = hypocrite. Moxie = trollop.

This afternoon, I had the interesting experience of being told, "If we lived in a society without rules or responsibilities, I would want you to have SO MANY of my babies. If I were the alpha male, you would be my alpha female."

Except that we don't live in that society, so I was flattered, but seeing as the girlfriend exists and he's made it clear she's not going away, I wasn't that flattered. He doesn't love her. He knows I'm a better fit, no pun intended. And yet...

"You shouldn't have to work this hard," he said. I know. But when I asked him why he was fighting it so hard, he couldn't answer.

So I'm walking away. No one should have to try and convince someone to be with them. And I'm worth more than that. His loss. Then again, I seem to be really good at making proclamations about my intentions and self worth, and really bad at actually following up on them (at least with him).

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Mike said...

My condolences. Move on, lady!