Thursday, April 14, 2005

Don't go for second best

Today's conversation with lunch boy:

"I don't date men with girlfriends."
"So does that mean lunch at the Japanese place up the road is out of the question?"
"Do you mean yes, it's out of the question? Or yes, it's a bad idea?"
"Both. I'm all about the respect."
"That's fair. But what if it's not a date? What if we're just two work friends having lunch?"
"We are work friends, but not work friends who have flirty lunches even though they have girlfriends. As for a non-date, who are you trying to kid?"
"I guess no one. It's too bad. It would have been nice to have a work friend."
"We are work friends. Don't change the subject."
"So no lunch?"

I had lunch with him, but I bought my own sandwich at the cafe downstairs and we sat outside, which is something work friends do. One has to set boundaries. I am not the trollop.


Ashtanga Renate said...

Mmmm boundaries. Rock on girl, you did the right, mature thing. Executed with poise, might I add.

higgypiggy said...

may i add that i love that you call him "lunch boy"? if he goes (further) south, its a quick change to "lose my lunch boy"!

love you, moxi