Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Too hott

After a hot day full of too much sugar, we watched the Tears of a Clooney episode of American Dad last night and somehow my dreams got all turned around. I dreamed that I befriended Paris Hilton. I got to tag along for all her nightclub hijinks and she bought me slinky/trashy clothes. The really weird part is that she turned out to be scary smart, like a math genius. I kept telling her to quit doing coke and go work for NASA.

I blame it on the heat. Time to install the AC, pronto.


Vancetastic said...

Does the heat also affect your spelling ("hott")? Or is "hott" a clever abbreviation for "hottie," which some (but not me, no, never) would consider Paris Hilton to be?

Moxie said...

Paris, in all her grammatical glory, tried to copyright the phrase, "That's hott." You live in LA--how do I know this and you don't? :)

Vancetastic said...

Having never seen it in print, I never knew it had an extra "t." I guess I feel good that most of my exposure to Paris has been of the audio and visual variety, sparing me the written word.