Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Right back where we started from

We’re going to California!

**excitement, excitement, excitement**

Yes, after much procrastination and hesitancy and laziness over the course of many weekends, we finally pulled the trigger and booked our vacation to the west coast for late July/early August. I can’t wait. Poor Lunchboy has sat patiently through all my California romanticizing. He’s listened to me wax poetic about the weather, the scenery, the yoga and the sushi, and somehow managed not to bludgeon me over the head about my constant search for a set of stairs that rival my beloved Santa Monica stairs. Ah, the stairs. I want to get off the plane in LA and go straight to 4th and Adelaide because I’m that insane.

This trip is important to me on a lot of levels. California is where I figured out who I am, and so it has a special place in my heart. I want to share that with Lunchboy because at some level I feel like he won’t fully know or understand me until he’s been there, too. And I want him to fall in love with the place like I did, to see its beauty and ugliness and totally unique personality. By showing him the life I built there, it opens the door to creating new memories. I made sure to make California my own after the breakup, but I haven’t been back to LA since it happened and going there with Lunchboy kind of makes the place ours.

Also, I’m super antsy. Must travel soon or brain will explode. Boston is a great town. It’s home but it’s small and I’m itching to see the Pacific again.

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ElleCharlie said...

Yay! You guys will have a GREAT trip! Reclaiming places and spaces can be so important. I understand the lure of Cali - I still miss San Fran when I think about it.