Monday, May 01, 2006

Shelves and storage and space, oh my

Everything was a mess on Friday morning. The wonderful, blessed people from California Closets were scheduled to arrive before noon, so Lunchboy and I had spent a chunk of Thursday evening cleaning out all of our collective crap from the bedroom and coat closets. It’s amazing how stuff just accumulates, even when you’re making a concerted effort to banish its presence from the house. There was not a single surface in the living room or kitchen that wasn’t covered with piles of clothes, umbrellas, shoes, luggage, various bags and backpacks, board games and yoga mats. We also found a sizeable stash of the plastic milk bottle tabs that Cringer loves to hunt and, apparently, shove under closet doors. It was chaotic, not in the least because the empty closets threw me off my normal morning routine of standing naked in front of the closet with a towel wrapped around my head while I try to decide what to wear to work.

The California Closets van pulled up around 10:30am and—fully dressed—I left to accomplish one of the many minor miracles of the day: scoring my Somerville parking sticker from the Dept. of Traffic and Parking. No more $40 tickets for abusing the guest pass, no more jockeying for spots on the non-permit street in time for street cleaning. My car now sports the most beautiful purple and white adhesive decoration known to man. When I got home, I pulled up right in time to see the parking officer making her rounds and I had to fight with myself over whether to call her over and tell her to kiss my sticker-bearing ass. In the end, I opted to avoid the drama and go inside to see what the closet man had done to solve our storage problems.

It was as if the heavens had opened up and beamed down light on our house. There were shelves and double hang space as far as the eye could see. I can hang up my clothes without them getting crushed by the mosh pit that was our closet! Even before I entered into an orgy of clothes hanging and shelf stuffing, I couldn’t imagine how we had lived without the new closets. It was, by far, the best money spent on home improvement EVER. Now we have so much storage space that we can’t fill all the new shelves. I will try to post pictures at some point, just so you can see that my domestic blathering isn’t totally baseless.

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