Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Chicken rabbit dead

Men living longer means women are less likely to suffer the fate that Miranda from "Sex and the City" so feared: dying alone with only the cat to rake over her rotting bones. With the existing gap, women are more likely than men to be widowed — 71 percent of people over the age of 85 are women, and the majority of them will have been married. And being alone increases their risk of dying or getting sick. No one is there to help when they fall; they eat less, and poorly.

I’m all for men living longer but, according to this article, most women aren’t thrilled to have their husbands around after age 65. Am I a freak for wanting my significant other to be around for retirement, after we’ve spent 30 years working our asses off to earn our leisure time? And the whole “you’ll have to take care of them” thing doesn’t have any weight--he does all the cooking anyway.

It’s a timely issue, though. We just had to make a very difficult work-related decision, prompted mostly by the realization that there’s no point in betting on the future if you can’t enjoy the present. All the money in the world can’t squeeze extra hours out of the day and at some point you just have to decide what’s most important.


C-Dream said...

Where did you get the name for this post? Was it from my tee-shirt? Do you even know that I have a tee-shirt that says this?

gimpadelic said...

I wanna know why c-dream has a Chicken rabbit dead shirt. Also, I want to know what happened to MY chicken rabbit dead shirt.

Moxie said...

I only ever saw the chicken rabbit dead shirt on James, Maren's ex-lovah. It just popped into my head so it became the post title.

Gimp, I'm holding your shirt hostage until you post on your blog again.