Friday, May 27, 2005

Shower skirmish

The new roommate and I are engaged in a silent battle. Every morning she takes the first shower (because she’s up at the buttcrack of dawn to get to school by 7-something) and she leaves the shower curtain open with her towel hanging over the curtain rod. When I get to the bathroom two hours later, I have to choose between hanging her towel elsewhere while I shower, or simply leaving it over the curtain rod to get soaked. Being a moderately considerate person, I move her towel to one of the MANY hooks in the bathroom and proceed to shower. After I’m done, I hang my towel on one of said hooks and leave the bathroom.

Somehow, between showers, my towel migrates to a hook that is far away from where I originally hung it up and her towel ends up over the curtain rod again.

It’s pissing me off. Why do I have to deal with her towel every freaking morning? Why can’t she just hang it on a hook so that I can take a shower without having to move it?

Also, she has no products. I’m all open minded about her earth-friendly lifestyle, but it’s still amazing to me that, as a woman over the age of 21, she has no body products. Almost every woman I know has managed to accumulate at least 5 bottles of face cleaner/shampoo/body scrub/body wash etc. Go into the bathroom in any woman’s apartment and you’ll find the shower crammed with stuff. But not her. The new roommate has a travel soap container (after yesterday’s post, I have to express gratitude for the fact that she owns and uses soap), and a single bottle of Suave Kids Orange Splash 2 in 1 shampoo/conditioner. No razor, no anything. She uses like no space in the medicine cabinet over the sink. She uses less than half of one shelf in the linen closet. This girl travels LIGHT. I’m far from super-girly, but it makes me feel like a superficial pack rat. And forget ever asking to borrow nail polish remover or cleaning alcohol from her—she doesn’t own it.

But the towels. Aiee, the towels. We may have to sit down and discuss this before the claws come out.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, calmly talk to her. And it could be worse, she could have moved in with products galore and taken over your bathroom. Sheesh. So sorry....