Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Bon Vacances

“Heaven looks a lot like San Francisco.”—Tony Kushner, Angels in America

Weekend milestones:
--Binding in Mari A, B and C in yoga class on Saturday. Renate tells me it was a half primary class. While it definitely kicked my butt, I somehow made it through without embarrassing her. My standing balances were crap, though.
--Getting food poisoning from food in Berkeley for the second straight time. Those eggs were damn good, however.
--Gay brunch with my lovely gay friends in the Castro. I’ve never seen so much chicken sausage in my life. Plus, there was a resident cat. Perfetto.
--Three hours of urban hiking around Glen Park and Twin Peaks, and finding a steep new set of stairs to climb.
--A spectacular 12-mile hike through Muir Woods, Mt. Tam State Park and down to Stinson Beach on Sunday. We took the Dipsea trail and it was such an incredibly clear day that we could see all the way from Oakland to Pt. Reyes, including the Farallons.
--Deleting B from my cell phone directory.
--Not freaking out when I heard that Glenn was dating up a storm.
--Keeping a sense of perspective when lunch boy broke up with his girlfriend.

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