Tuesday, May 03, 2005

California here I come

Excitement!! This weekend I am off to San Francisco to party with my gay husbands, dork out on yoga with the fabulous Renate, and otherwise throw down with my west coast posse. What a concept—a weekend in a place where the temperature climbs above 60 degrees in May. J and I are hiking Point Reyes on Monday if the weather holds up. If it doesn’t, we’ll hit Mt. Diablo.

It’s a perfect time to go. Lunch boy’s girlfriend is back in town and he has some thinking to do. I don't particularly want to be present for that, mostly because I know the odds of it coming out in my favor are low. Still, I do not think I will see B over the weekend. Hooking up with him would be like eating at McDonald’s after going on a gastronomic tour of Italy. And no one needs junk food jigginess.

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