Thursday, May 26, 2005

Pants of the crank

My new roommate moved in over the weekend. She is a nice girl. Her furniture, however, is not. I needed someone who had a couch, mostly because I didn’t have the cash to buy one myself. She has a couch and so I can hardly complain, but the couch is:

1. ugly
2. large
3. dirty
4. smelly

Even Scully won’t go near the couch. My apartment used to smell really nice, and now when I come home I get hit in the face with that unwashed sheets/hair smell that I usually associate with guy’s apartments. The weather continues to be awful, which is probably why I’m all kinds of cranky, but it also means it’s too cold and gross to open the windows and air the place out.

She’s a teacher and she told me last night that her kids are responding to the awful weather in one of two ways. Either they’re totally hyper or they’re completely depressed. She herself is totally hyper and I am completely depressed. It’s not a pretty picture.

I should have gotten a studio.

Suddenly I feel too old to be dealing with roommate adjustments. She’s young (24), overly cheerful in a way that doesn’t really mask her underlying flakiness, and completely disrespectful of shared spaces. Do I want her ugly black plastic CD tower in the living room, especially when she keeps her stereo in the bedroom? No. Did she ask? No. Will I say something? Absolutely, though right now I’m being passive-agressively annoyed by the whole thing. She used to live with her boyfriend and it just doesn’t occur to her that she can’t put her stuff anywhere she chooses without at least discussing it with me. I feel like an old, anal, disapproving bitch.

I should have gotten a studio. And we just signed a year-long lease. This could be a really long year.


Saderchick said...

One word: Febreze.

In her defense, it can be tough to move in with someone else who's been living there already. It probably feels like your place to both of you; perhaps she's just trying to make it feel more like 'ours' -- yours and hers. Regardless, you'll both probably feel better when the weather breaks and you can spend time outside the apartment.

dc said...

I think a college friend of mine had that couch. He left it in the basement of his apartment house when he moved out. Nice to see it turned up again. Does she have the matching loveseat too?

Ashtanga Renate said...

Ahhhhh that totally sucks about the couch. Ill keep my fingers crossed about the roommate!