Tuesday, April 15, 2008

For times like these

We got tickets to see REM and Radiohead this summer at the Tweeter Center.

I am excited and yet I somehow also feel like I'm trying to be 25 again. The last time I was at the Tweeter Center, it was still Great Woods and it had a big lawn (or muddy slope). I went with friends about 10 years ago for some festival that involved Ben Folds Five and maybe Kula Shaker. Not being much of a concert person (maybe because I get overwhelmed by loud noise and crowds) I remember having a good time but being somewhat annoyed by all the tweaked out 19-year-olds who were peeing in corners. And that was before parking at the Tweeter Center turned into an Olympic sport.

Still, I have always wanted to see REM. I wish I'd seen them in their Superman days. Radiohead's OK Computer tour was possibly the best live music experience I've ever had, so I'm excited to see them do their new album, which I really like. "You're All I Need" was kind of the theme song to my winter. My lunchtime yoga teachers played it in almost every class from December to March.

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Blighsky said...

I was there with you at the Tweeter Center! I remember the rain. And I remember that Neil Young was there. And Ben Folds. Then I remember you threatening to mash my Ben Folds CD into a million pieces - too much air time.