Friday, April 25, 2008

Powder room

In addition to my garden project/obsession, we (I) just started work on our downstairs bathroom. What can I say, I like having something to do, and it helps distract me from the emotional drama-coughing-videogaming that is also taking place in the house. This is tangible evidence of what happens when one watches too much Flip That House, though I am not sure that there is such a thing as too much Flip. It's house porn, schadenfreude, and learning experience all in one. Plus, it makes major house renovations look like they can take place within a measly half hour.

The bathroom, which until last week was a dingy off-white and was full of all the stuff we don't have closet space for downstairs, is now painted Behr's Cumberland Fog (there is absolutely NOT a paint chip living in my purse in case of random trips to Marshall's) and has been emptied of 2 trips to Goodwill's worth of crap and two huge bags of toiletries that are destined for a women's shelter a few blocks away. It now feels empty in a glorious way. The Cure people at Apartment Therapy might be proud if my house were ever pretty enough to post there.


Last night I exercised my bargain muscles at Marshall's and Target and now we have a new shower curtain, bathroom mirror, etagere, and towel ring. I have not yet figured out how to hang the mirror but the rest of the stuff is in there and it actually looks semi-grown up, which is such a concept.

On a side note, we have pretty much decided to do about half of what the realtor suggested and leave the rest to chance. It is just not worth stressing over.

I aim to get the mirror up this weekend and also take some pictures of my lovely, greening-up-nicely plants. I have pots and pots of empty soil waiting outside for the arrival of pretty annuals, but right now all I've seen are pansies and to be honest I hate pansies. There you have it.

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