Wednesday, April 23, 2008

House guest

Lunchboy is traveling for work this week and, in a twist of fate, we are hosting his best friend, who just broke up with his live-in girlfriend and needed a safe harbor. Having been there, I am happy to be able to offer that harbor. It is, however, a new experience to share our home with someone I don't know that well. Because, you know, it's not awkward at all to shower when he's in the living room and have to walk by in my robe. He also has the flu. I think that he probably shares the feeling of strangeness to be here when Lunchboy isn't, because he has spent his time either watching hockey on TV or playing Warcraft in the basement. Not so much talking. Lots of coughing, though. The cats are the most confused. They like the BF but aren't quite sure why he isn't leaving. They look at me as if to ask, "Where did dad go? Have you replaced him?" I keep telling them that no, no one has been replaced, but that doesn't keep them from clinging to me like burrs, especially at night. Usually they dislike closed doors, but they are extremely uncurious about the closed basement door.

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