Wednesday, April 26, 2006

A spoonful of sugar wouldn't hurt

Work is hard right now. Hard as in political, not time consuming. I can’t stand office politics, mostly because I’m very bad at them. Why is it too much to ask that everyone be able to come to work and get our jobs done without all the drama? And how long is the drama allowed to go one before it’s time to start looking for a new job? I dislike the fact that I’ve never stayed in a job longer than two and a half years, so in an ideal world I would like to stick it out where I am for a while longer. But if the politics don’t improve, I might have to make a move. I used to be all for change, but right now I’m enjoying some relative stability and it would be nice not to have to rock the boat. Either something bad is going to have to happen or I’m going to have to be recruited. That’s my newly discovered bottom line.

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theinsider said...

Oh yeah, that's the world I'm living in right now myself.

I've taken to drinking vodka with lunch and desperately attempting to ignore everyone.

It's not working.