Monday, December 12, 2005

Power of...spermicide

Moxie: Check this out. I like the idea but can't see it in practice. You're walking down the street, feel threatened, stop and insert condom?
Carmen: holy crap.
Carmen: what if you put it in wrong?
Moxie: yeah! What they really need is a diaphragm with a smart card or something.
Moxie: you carry a button in your purse and when you press it, the nasty stuff deploys inside you--in the right direction
Carmen: that's great until your purse is stolen.
Carmen: "hey, quit it!"
Moxie: ouch...Wristband? I don't know.
Carmen: maybe it could work like wonderwoman's bracelets, and when you clink your wrists together, out comes the spermicide.
Moxie: oh that's good
Carmen: We should start a company. We could call it “Activate!”


theinsider said...

See, if I was feeling threatened, wouldn't I just run screaming the other way? Why would I take the time to insert a freaking condom?

Shit. That's so illogical to me.

Moxie said...

I can only guess that things are different there. But yeah, not so logical.

Carmen said...

Now I'm thinking we should call our company BITCH ON WHEELS.