Friday, December 02, 2005

Glory days--yeah, they've passed him by

In the blink of a young girl's eye:

"Don't rule out a reunion of New Kids on the Block. That's the word from velvet-voiced Jordan Knight, who's back with a solo CD called ''The Fix." The former NKOTB, who'll be at the FYE store in Danvers today, said there's a chance he and Donnie Wahlberg, Jon Knight, Danny Wood, and Joe McIntyre could still get back together. ''We'd need new material and all new steps," said Knight, who revealed that Donnie's the most interested in a reunion. Knight's new CD is produced by boy-band Svengali Lou Pearlman -- the brains behind Backstreet Boys and 'N Sync -- and the first single's on Billboard's Hot Adult Contemporary chart. Knight said Bobby Brown and New Edition were his idols, but they didn't get their due. ''Race does matter when it comes to this stuff," said Knight. ''They were a boy band, they were a black boy band. We were the Great White Hope, and this is a white country."


Anonymous said...

Holy shit! Jordan was so cute back then!!! I wanted to marry him. But I don't want to see them now struggling to get back their careers. Somehow it ruins the memories of the innocent teenager years to see them as has-beens.

C-Dream said...

Heyyyy ... where did you steal this from? I'M the New Kids poster.