Tuesday, June 20, 2006

X and Y

This amused me. “Maneissance?” Who knew? I mean, how many male viewers of “24” DON’T love Jack Bauer? Personally, I’m always amazed that Jack never eats, sleeps or goes to the bathroom. This is a man who can’t stomach terrorists but he’s let Chloe, the single most annoying character on television, live for five seasons. Go figure.

Speaking of masculine topics, I must come up with a name for my fantasy football team. This is no small task. I am neither witty nor funny, so trying to be both in the space of 2-3 words is excruciating. Above all, I must not give away the fact that I have no clue what to do in the draft come September. Lunchboy is managing the league and the smack, it hath come down.

1 comment:

Carmen said...

mine was Token White Girls.