Sunday, June 04, 2006


My head is still fuzzy from being drunk on Saturday night. That's how old I am--vodka hangs on for a lot longer than it used to. We went to the ICA closing party with some friends. It was one of those events that talked up for days beforehand, which meant it wasn’t something I’d normally attend, but we have a friend who works at the ICA and he asked us to come.

Cleared of art, the space was perfect for a party. It’s a crowd I don’t usually spend time around, so the people-watching was spectacular. So was the food and booze. The nice thing about nonprofit parties, it seems, is that good restaurants donate lots of munchies. My favorite part was the Formaggio Kitchen cheese bar (best concept ever). Because the booze was donated, the bartenders weren’t shy about dispensing mindbendingly strong drinks. The vodka and cheese combination probably explains why I found myself on the bathroom floor at 3:30am, pressing my cheek to the blessedly cold tile and wondering if the nausea would ever stop. I’ll stick to wine and cheese from now on.

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