Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Self doubt

Hello, my name is Moxie. I like the new Christina Aguilera song.

I'm not a bad person. Really, I'm not.


Blighsky said...

I like it too.

Magpie said...

The song rocks.

She is apparently extremely talented, albeit loonytunes.

borat said...

i just saw this video with Christina in it. I guess that it’s about Dave Stewart’s (from the Eurythmics) first group in the 70s that never released their album back then, and now there’s a big VH1 special on them.

anyone else heard about this?


ElleCharlie said...

That's even funnier coming from you because you have such quality music taste. I haven't heard that song (where have I been?) but I totally love Promiscuous Girl. People seem to think that's weird. Is it because I'm so sweet and innocent??? Must be. Because my penchant for crap hip hop shouldn't surprise anybody.