Thursday, June 15, 2006

Out and about

I spent the past two days at a copywriting seminar in downtown Boston. Two days of getting lunch at ABP. Two days of riding the T rather than being stuck in my car on my way to the suburbs. I miss working in town. Also, I miss proximity to good shopping. After the seminar ended yesterday, I met Renate at Park St. and we hit DSW before getting some food at Faneuil Hall. Shoes aren’t usually my weakness but I fell in love with these and couldn’t leave the store without them. I’ve always wanted cute red shoes.

Before I met Lunchboy, the catty women in my department at work wondered how anyone could deal with being a consulting widow. The prevailing theory was that the consultant’s wives were too busy spending the consulting moneys to notice that their husbands were out of town. I laughed along with them but it’s kind of true. I'm spending my money, not his, but shopping does fill the time.

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Carmen said...

cute shoes!