Monday, March 20, 2006

Happy spring

I didn’t know today was the spring equinox until Lunchboy sent me an email informing me that he’d successfully kept me warm for the entire winter. He did, and it was no small feat because I’m cold even when it’s hot outside. Somehow my feet never reached zero degrees Kelvin and my toes only turned numb and white a few times. So yay for spring! Except that it’s 30 degrees outside and it still feels like January. Back to the fuzzy Patriots blanket I go.

Speaking of fuzzy—we went up to Portland, Maine on Friday night. Higgypiggy and Chiztiz were in town scoping out Portland for a possible future move (knock on wood) and we had dinner with them at a cute sushi place near Front St. We tried to get drinks and appetizers at a number of bars in the Old Port but we forgot it was St. Patrick’s Day and the hordes of drunken college boys in green clothing drove us away. I made the rookie mistake of pounding my first two cosmos on a mostly empty stomach and ended up being hung over for the rest of the weekend. Because I’m that much of a lightweight.

After something like 2 months, I finally, FINALLY finished A Feast For Crows. I have no problem with long books but I do have a problem with bad editing. Someone needs to get George RR Martin off his lineage kick.


Anonymous said...

Lineage belongs in the appendices: I think Tolkein ably developed the concept. Good call on an otherwise great book, though I missed my favorite story lines (Daenarys (sp?) & the battle against the Others up north).

Good job getting through it; just a few months until the next installment (for once)!

theinsider said...

I love GRR Martin, but this book was a little disappointing, mainly because of the lost story lines. Argh.