Monday, March 27, 2006

Big time

Last night’s Simpsons episode was timely in that it was 1. funny, and right on time because I was about to give up on the season if it didn’t get better, and 2. about big, fancy televisions. Televisions are a major topic in our household right now because after much comparison shopping and drooling on the Circuit City sales force and wringing of hands over bonus moneys, Lunchboy finally pulled the trigger and got himself a 40” LCD HDTV.

Now, I’m a total girl in that I don’t pay much attention to sound systems or TVs, really. One speaker sounds the same as the next to me, and I couldn’t care less whether my television is smallish or has any kind of screen quality. The TV in my Cambridge apartment had basic cable, a 17” screen and no TiVo. I just don’t care enough to care.

But this new TV, this toy—it’s made me see the light. I finally get what all the fuss is about. The TV is huge. It’s slinky and pretty and very expensive-looking, and it makes sports much more user-friendly. I could actually see what the fans in the stands were wearing when we watched basketball yesterday. But most importantly, the toy makes Lunchboy happy. He works so hard—he’s been in 7 cities in the last 3 weeks, and his schedule is insane. If I’d had my way, he would have bought that TV a month ago because he loves his couch time and he deserves to treat himself to some good electronics.

But yeah. The part where Homer says, “I love you, TV! And I think you’re pretty great, too, Marge.” That wasn’t too far off base. He might have been sadder to leave the TV this morning than he was to leave me. At least now I can watch Grey’s Anatomy in high-def (I think).

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Vancetastic said...

I may be in a position to buy something like this, but of course, I should be paying off my debt. Thanks for making that decision a little bit harder. Curses!