Sunday, July 03, 2005

The list

Everyone's got one--a celebrity sex list, that is. The people you can sleep with in a completely theoretical sense without getting busted. Today Lunchboy, his friend D and I threw around a football and discussed who was on ours. Barring a few surprises (Beyonce? Can you tell I don't watch enough MTV...) it was just good fun.

Moxie's List:

Matt Damon
Clive Owen
Brad Pitt (cliched but true-especially after seeing Mr. & Mrs. Smith)
Jason Statham
Ralph & Joseph Fiennes
Jeremy Piven (can't explain it but there it is)
Val Kilmer (only in Top Gun, Real Genius and Willow)

Okay, okay--there were girls on the list. I took them down but now I'm putting them back up...

Angelina (scary but come on)
Rachel Weisz
Kate Winslet
Jennifer Connelly


Anonymous said...

ah dayum the women are gone

Ashtanga Renate said...
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Ashtanga Renate said...


Ralph Feinnes and Val Kilmer are on my list.

And yeah, if I were to sleep with a girl Jennifer Connely would be on it. She's hella hot.

Mike said...

Boo for Jennifer Connely--I can't really roll with that, she bores me senseless on screen. But I applaud you putting the girls back up.