Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Keep it to yourself

Last night my roommate informed me that she had quit her summer job because “it wasn’t doing it” for her. Also, she wants to take a multi-week trip to the west coast with her skanky boyfriend, and it’s hard to take off for 14 days when you have a thing like job holding you down.

“Can you afford to do that?” I asked, visions of unpaid rent dancing in my head.

“Oh, yeah. My teaching job pays through the summer. This was just for fun and extra cash.”


So now, no roommate for the last half of August!!!! This is especially pleasing after this morning, when she AND her skanky boyfriend decided to shower together right when I needed the bathroom to get ready for….work. You know, that job thing she finds so inconvenient. The BF is at our house almost every night now. HE should be paying rent, and he should certainly not be taking up the bathroom when it’s needed by people who ARE paying rent, namely me.

I really, really don’t need them showering together when I’m home. I mean, we’re all adults here but come on—a little decorum, please. Just say no to naked skankiness. It’s enough that A has plastered the kitchen calendar with the reminder stickers from her birth control pills, so now everyone who visits our house knows what her uterus is up to.


Zeke said...

At least she's showering, right?

Ashtanga Renate said...

I second Zeke's comment.

And FYI, I'm sure glad I've got the 411 on her hoo-ha.