Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The check is in the mail

Yesterday I got a call from the jewelry store where I consigned my engagement ring, telling me that the ring had been sold! Woohoo! No more ring in the store. I will never see that wretched thing again. Plus, the fact that it sold makes the consignment check significantly fatter.

$$$ for Moxie.

Chapter closed, right? Well, it turns out the ring sold back in April, but for some reason they never sent me a check. They only realized the mistake when I went into the store this past Saturday to inquire about the ring’s status. No harm, no foul. It just made me laugh because nothing related to the ring was easy. It’s only fitting that the process of closing the very last door on the entire episode should be complicated.

It’s a little weird to think that some random woman out there is wearing that ring, but I’m glad it’s making someone else smile. I hope it brings her and her fiancĂ© a lot more happiness than it brought me.


ka-rista said...

Where did you do this? Was it new? I need to do something with both my engagement and wedding band.

Moxie said...

It was an estate piece, so I took it to Small Pleasures on Newbury St. You might be able to take it back to wherever he bought it. If not, try the diamond district near Downtown Crossing. A friend of mine had good luck there.