Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Get a clue

As I was rushing to get ready for work this morning, I opened the refrigerator door to grab some yogurt and noticed that:

A. the fridge light was out and;
B. everything in the fridge was lukewarm

Clearly, there had been no power to the fridge for a few hours at least. A and her skanky boyfriend (who is now growing facial hair, all the better to make him more skanky) were banging around in the kitchen until almost midnight last night, so I asked the boyfriend if he knew what had happened. No, he did not. When Alli emerged from the bathroom, where she had gone right when I needed to dry my hair so I could leave for work on time, I said, “Hey, did you notice that the fridge isn’t working?”

“Oh, yeah. I did notice that,” she said. And then she LAUGHED. Clearly she had noticed that the fridge was no longer chilling our newly purchased groceries and it just never occurred to her that this situation might not remedy itself without any effort on her behalf.

“Well, it needs to be fixed or all the food will go bad. I’ll call the landlord, unless you called him already.”

“Oh, no—I didn’t call him. I wasn’t sure what the problem was.”


If I hadn’t had to leave for work, I would have gotten into it with her, but I think her skanky boyfriend could tell that my head was about to rotate 360 degrees on my shoulders.

There are days when things are fine, and then there are days when I wonder if I can make it through a year of living with this girl.


Anonymous said...

Is she retarded or something? Seriously, the girl has no brain in her head. I am sorry you have to deal with her....

Anonymous said...

She sucks--can't you just fire her ass?

dc said...

At some point, Mox, Ashton Kutcher's gonna come into your stinky hovel to tell you that you've been punked...