Thursday, May 01, 2008

Road trip

So there is a good chance that our big summer vacation will be a cross-country trip from San Francisco to Boston!

For real. We are extremely excited.

In June, our great friends J&K (otherwise knows as the Ims) are semi-reluctantly relocating to Brookline after 10 years in Noe Valley. Rather than putting their car on a truck, they are considering letting us drive it out here for them.

We had so much fun on our trip up the California coast, and this would let us see so many other places that we might not otherwise get to for a really long time, so my fingers are crossed that it happens. It would be my first major road trip traveling light (my life won't be stuffed into the back seat) and sans Scully fretting loudly in her carrier, so we'd really be free to do as we pleased.

(Scully would actually be missed--my little white girl has become a road trip pro and it wouldn't quite be the same without her company. But I think we'll manage :) Cat screaming while driving through the Donner Pass? Not so much.)

We aren't quite sure which route we'd do, but I think that's half the fun of a trip like this--the opportunity to have a mostly spontaneous adventure. Yosemite? The Badlands? A side trip to see friends in St. Paul? Who knows... Updates to come!

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