Sunday, May 04, 2008


Despite the cold, rainy weather and the cold/flu I picked up from Lunchboy's BF (who is now-- very gladly -- back in his own home), the weekend was both comforting and, somehow, productive. The weather was a bummer mainly because the Somerville Open Studios were this weekend and it's a lot less fun to wander around looking at art when it's crappy outside. Because of the rain and my cold, we only ventured out to our neighbor's studio across the street. This time we were prepared for the scrotal art, but we paid more attention to her garden and peony drawings and we went home with two semi-labial partial proofs of ocean peonies that I am quite fond of but unsure where to hang.

Powered by almost 12 hours of Nyquil-induced sleep, I went to the Despot today and bought bleeding heart, salvia, three small ice plants, some lamb's ears, hens and chicks, and one other thing I can't remember the name of. It's supposed to be nice this week, so I hope to put them all in the ground soon. So far everything else seems to be growing happily. The hosta are just poking through now.

I'm almost finished with The Book Thief, which I'm reading for a book club that I joined a month ago. It's a very good book, the kind whose words stick in your head for no good reason, so that I'll be walking through the supermarket and "saukerl" will suddenly spool through my brain. Not a nice word, I think, but it stays with you. I'm still not sure how I managed to do this, but despite only having attended one meeting of this book group, I am now hosting the next meeting this Wednesday. Hence my rush to finish the book, and also my frantic trip to Trader Joe's to get munchies for the meeting. Entertaining is not my forte (surprise, since it usually involves cooking or dealing with food), so this is me stretching my horizons.

We got takeout Chinese for dinner last night and my fortune cookie read, "Practice makes perfect."

I think the Nyquil also enabled a McNulty dream. Eeeep.

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