Monday, March 17, 2008

We're the kids in America

It's about that time. The Girl Scout Cookies, they have arrived en masse. It’s going to be a Thin Mint month. Everyone who ordered cookies to support their coworker’s children is leaving their bounty in the office kitchen for other people (like me) to eat, which, on a day like today, means Samoas for breakfast.

My mom sent me this article today. Usually the articles she sends are very mom-like and tend to be titled something along the lines of, “Experts Say Eat Ice Cream Daily For Those Trying To Conceive,” so I am always cautious when I open her emails, but this one I liked. The concept of energy vampires is interesting. Over the last few years I’ve put distance between myself and some vampiric friends. I think I’ve also been a bit of a vampire before, so I’m throwing no stones here. There is nothing fun about being on either side of that process, but there is guilt enough to drown in. A little vindication is comforting -- but not entirely exculpatory.

I was also glad for the article because I’ve been on something of a media diet since we got back from vacation and wouldn’t have seen it otherwise. As Lunchboy (and my mom) would tell you, I tend to take way too much of what’s going on in the world into my head and onto my shoulders (as if worrying or being angry about things I can’t change will somehow have impact). This means I’m not waking up at 3am because somewhere in the world baby seals are being clubbed, but it also meant that, at dinner with friends in town from San Francisco, someone asked what I thought about Sarah Lacy and I had no idea what they were talking about. Oops.

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