Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Grand theft auto

We woke up on Sunday morning to discover that Lunchboy's car was not where he parked it before we left. This was more than a little surprising because, while we live in Somerville, our neighborhood tends to be fairly safe and while bad things happen closer to Highland Ave., it's rare for felonies of any kind to occur near us (maybe this is because the mayor lives up the hill?)

Lunchboy looked all up and down the street and then called the towing companies to make sure it hadn't been towed for some reason, but no luck. Regretfully (and angrily), he went down to the police station and filed a stolen car report. Thankfully, our insurance company is working with us instead of throwing up lots of red tape.

Later that night, I got into my car to go to yoga and stopped in my tracks. The driver's seat was really far back and the mirrors were all out of wack. Then I checked the change drawer and, sure enough, it was empty. This is not the first time this has happened to us (and I'm guessing to lots of other people in Union Square), but it's no less infuriating and upsetting. I'm grateful that no one was hurt and that it was a car, not the house itself, or something much worse. I count myself lucky that I still have my car, but I no longer feel safe leaving it on the curb (not like I have any other choice).

We've played with the idea of moving on and off since last summer, but had shelved the idea before our trip because we really love our neighborhood (and the market sucks for house sellers). We have friends who live in walking distance in every direction, two parks that are only a block away, a library close by, and pretty much everything we need just down the hill. But having the car stolen puts everything in a new light. Not that we can do much about the real estate market, but suffice it to say that we won't be staying around for longer than is necessary.

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Overmatter said...

That SUCKS. It's such a great neighborhood. Does insurance cover stolen vehicles?