Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Crossing the Mason-Dixon

Tomorrow I am heading down to Washington, DC for two days. I go there fairly frequently for work, but this will be my first overnight trip there in about year. Last time I went down for the night, I had lovely late coffee with MeanG and then checked into a hotel room that scared me so badly I had to call the front desk and ask to be relocated. That room was haunted, I swear. Every time I closed my eyes, all I could see was a very angry old man yelling at me. But the hotel had no free rooms, so I was stuck with my images of the old man for the night. I have never been so glad to leave a hotel in my life.

It is, however, already spring in DC. The forecast is saying low to mid-60s and the cherry blossoms are out. I'm having dinner with Gimp and MeanG and maybe even JD tomorrow night. We have no idea where. None of us knows what's around Dupont. It'll all work itself out. And I'm staying at a non-haunted hotel, so I'm very excited. It's Kimpton, so there may actually be leopard-print bathrobes and faux-fur throws. Fake beaver pelt!

Now all I need is for McNulty to make an appearance at the bar and MeanG and I can die happy.


Mean G said...

I didn't know you saw ghosts, too!
Seriously, if I saw McNulty I could walk out into traffic, get hit by a Metrobus and not care a whit.

See you tomorrow!!!!

Overmatter said...

Ack! Which hotel was that?

Ashtanga Renate said...

Heh, you said beaver pelt.