Monday, July 10, 2006

Tactical extraction

Target is a wondrous place in that it makes me wonder how I’m so incapable of entering a Target store and spending less than $80. Usually that amount is closer to $150, so really $80 is a step in the right direction. Target may be an evil corporation, but it’s still the closest and most convenient place to buy things that Scully will eventually pee on.

This weekend's Target mission? Clean up the downstairs bathroom enough so that it’s usable when J and K come to town tomorrow night. The imminent arrival of houseguests has made the cat pee eradication situation more urgent, but of course Scully is not cooperating. The bathmats in the upstairs bathroom are now her favorite places to misbehave. So we bought new bathmats and put the old ones downstairs under her box. Then we bought gallons of Nature’s Miracle enzyme cleanser and poured it on the bathroom floor to let it soak into the grout. The idea of forcing guests to live in a space that smells like cat just makes me cringe. I’m not that mean of a host.

Lunchboy turned 30 on Friday. We took him to Ginza and force fed him sushi. I tell him every day how old he is because he’s spent the past year and a half harping on the fact that I’m no longer in my 20s and payback, it’s a bitch. I’m not too worried, though. Work is sending him to India next week for 6 days and he has to take malaria pills. And worry about cobras. Ha. When the trip first came up, we tried to see if I could go along. I mean, it's India! But then we found out that he’ll be spending roughly 3 of those 6 days traveling to and from Hyderabad. Since tickets are about $3,000, it wasn’t worth it. We’ll go back sometime and do a proper visit, hopefully once they’ve eliminated malaria from the planet.

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Try You may be able to find a support group there for cats who suffer from feline incontinency. Good luck!