Friday, July 14, 2006

It's a compliment, really

This made me laugh. It also reminded me of why I read this yesterday and realized how lucky I am to have Lunchboy.

One of the joys of dating a management consultant is that I rest easy at night knowing that Lunchboy is happily optimizing our weekend errands to ensure maximum performance and efficiency. He’d deny it if I asked him, but I’m convinced he has the day broken down into one-hour increments. I think his addiction to Excel and Powerpoint would drive some people nuts but it makes me smile. I know that if and when children enter the picture, he will consult the hell out of fatherhood until it’s no longer an unknown quantity. He’ll analyze the nuts and bolts of parenting until he’s successfully created a value proposition outlining best practices, systems and processes for raising kids. There will be spreadsheets calculating the increments of sleep training, Powerpoint presentations outlining the benefits of cotton versus disposable diapers, and Outlook reminders listing the proper contents of a well-packed diaper bag. When I’m not looking, he’ll duct tape a roles and responsibilities document to the stroller, the fridge and in the car underneath the driver’s side visor. And inevitably, I'll find spelling and grammatical errors in his content, and shriek about his misuse of "myriad" in a slide.

When I shared this with him, he laughed--because he knows it's true.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh, spoken like someone who obviously doesn’t have any children. Honey you and “Lunchboy” are in for a real surprise when and if you have a child. What if your child is born with ADD or ADHD, or is autistic, mentally challenged? Or worse! I just love it when young people think they have the world by the proverbial balls and then life slaps you in the face with reality, and the sad truth is that you never thought that it could happen to you.