Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Don't Cha

New York was GREAT. I loved every minute of it, up to and including the torrential downpour on Thursday night that stranded us in an endless cab line and left us hunting for umbrellas in order to make a dinner reservation for which we were already late. I loved every thing that made NYC different from Boston. My first morning there, I woke up to an overwhelming anxiety attack over being in a city that big. But then I forced myself to remember that I’ve lived in cities that were bigger and lived to tell the tale, so I got myself out of the hotel room and realized that all I wanted to do was walk. I wanted to get lost and discover all the wacky things that pop up when you round a corner, to lose myself in the crowds and remember that there is an enormous power in anonymity. I tried to count the number of Starbucks and Ann Taylors in Midtown but got too distracted to keep an accurate list.

Gimp came into town on Friday and we spent most of the day lounging around a table in Bryant Park, soaking up the sun and people watching. If you ever find yourself near Bryant Park and you have to pee, they have gorgeous, $20 million public bathrooms there that are actually pleasant AND clean. Megan suggested I go stalk Tim at the Parsons School, but after having way too much wine the night before, Bryant Park was all I could muster the energy for.

Friday morning we went for a walk up Madison and found….the Pussycat Dolls. No, they weren’t hooking in Central Park—they were performing in front of the Apple store, surrounded by a very small crowd of people who had to be persuaded to scream, even when the Dolls gyrated so hard that I thought their hair extensions were going to fly off their heads.


Anonymous said...

a city larger than NYC?

Not unless you have lived out of the us and even then not super likely. In order, the top 11 cities, according to population are:
Bombay, Karachi, Delhi, Shanghai, Seoul, Sao Paulo, Istanbul, Lima, Mexico City, and Jakarta. NYC comes in 12th at roughtly 8.2 Million people. ( So unless you lived in one of the above cities you have not lived in a city bigger. NYC is as big as it gets for the US (and English speaking for that matter).

Of course, that is sort of nit picky and really not the thrust of your post. I am just nit picky. You may have also been referring to metro areas. I would be willing to bet NYC has the largest metro area in the US, but I have not bothered to look at that. There is only so much time in the day for useless nit picking and people get irritated with know it all anonymous blow hards.

Anonymous said...

Another useless note. Boston weighs in at the comparitive negligble 580k, smaller then amongst others (in no particular order) Louisville KY, Houston, Austin, El Paso, San Francisco, Chicago, and lots of others, but you are in the 5th largest media center including nearly 2.4 Million TVs.