Sunday, February 12, 2006


It's been a long two days. After blissing out on the beach for a week, we got to the airport in St. Lucia on Saturday and heard about this blizzard thing. Everything going to the Northeast was cancelled. We elected to fly to San Juan and catch a flight *somewhere* today. Except with the blizzard overflow plus the Rolling Stones concert and a big convention in town, there were no hotel rooms within a two hour radius of San Juan. So last night we dined out on flight vouchers at the airport McDonalds and slept on the floor of Gate 2 in the American terminal. When I'm less fried, I'll tell the story of the woman who snored like a dying, flatulent grizzly bear and the nightmares caused by hearing, "Ladies and gentlemen, we would like to remind you that smoking is prohibited in this terminal" every 3 minutes all night.

At 8am, we flew to Miami and then to Fort Myers, where we are crashing with Lunchboy's mom until we can get back home. Our luggage is still somewhere between San Juan and Miami--the airline isn't sure. Right now it looks like we're on a flight back to Boston on Tuesday afternoon, but we'll see what happens. After 24 straight hours of being in transit, I'm just glad to sit still someplace that isn't the airport. Shower, clean underwear, non-airport food. Yay.


Vancetastic said...

Well I hope it was a good "vacances" at least. Good enough that you didn't post your pictures as promised. ;-)

Moxie said...

We had no internet access in the room! I'll try to post a few tomorrow.