Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Icy icy

I know Vance hates those De Beers commercials, where a man showers his woman with major bling and gets everlasting love (or at least guaranteed nooky)in return.

Want to hate De Beers even more? Read this old article from the Atlantic Monthly about diamond cartels. Diamonds might be a girl's best friend but they're definitely a guy's worst enemy.

I kind of always wanted to know where that two-months-salary equation came from, but it's a little alarming to find out how the whole diamonds are forever thing became so pervasive. Subversive advertising--shudder.


lunchboy said...

does this mean she doesn't pretty much have to?

gimpadelic said...

I say she'll pretty much have to.

Also, I used to work for DeBeers, in a very very roundabout way. They are evil and cannot do business in this country because of antitrust law. All DeBeers activity in the US is through front companies and proxies.