Friday, November 18, 2005

Blue moon

It’s a full moon and I'm in a funk. Not the good Funkadelic sort, either. I wore my tall black boots to work today in an effort to add some zing to life, but no dice. The moon makes everyone sort of ungrounded--at least that’s what my yoga instructor said last night. At first I thought she was saying that the full moon was next week and that’s when I realized how ungrounded I felt. Full moons are weird. Things have felt off-kilter all week—just unbalanced enough to cause discomfort, even when I wasn’t awake. My dreams have been epic sagas replete with unprocessed emotional crap that only a full moon could dredge up. Broken friendships, old homes, childhood dramas, places I miss but suddenly can’t remember clearly. I wake up after sleeping hard and find that I still feel unrested.

Despite the lack of grounding, I came through tittibasana and bhakasana from my totally hack supta kurmasana for the first time in class last night. It wasn’t pretty but it was there.

L and I went to see Derailed on Wednesday and it was terrible. In the middle of a particularly violent scene, a man got up from his seat behind us and started yelling at a cinema employee in another row. It was so jarring that an older couple gathered their coats and left. I wanted to leave, too.


C-Dream said...

Darn, I wanted to see "Derailed." I have a thing for Jennifer Aniston. And, I am ashamed to admit, I also have a thing for Clive Owen.

Moxie said...

Mmmm, Clive is tasty. He's good in this but doesn't have much to work with. Jen, on the other hand, looks awful. Too skinny, face is haggard--she looks miserable. So sad!

Anonymous said...

I've been feeling like you have a lately. A funky funk. Saw "Derailed" on Tuesday with two friends. No one told me about THAT scene that made me ill. I have to admit that after all that crap I really enjoyed the last half hour or so. Aniston is usually not in this kind of role. Except for the violence in the beginning I liked the story. I made a moral up, but I don't want to ruin it for your other readers...find me on THAT board and ask me...Later, girl. ~ Lawyergirl