Wednesday, November 16, 2005

AIM no more

For some unknown reason, my company decided to block access to all instant messaging programs last week, a move which has frustrated me to no end. Yes, AIM was a total time suck but it also made the days where I have nothing to do go by much faster. Believe it or not, I actually used the stupid thing for business purposes from time to time so blocking AIM is actually counterproductive on many levels. Alas.

I just bottomed out my 4th bottle of Robitussin this week.


C-Dreamin' said...

Funny, my company's blocking program just started picking up my personal email -- but only sometimes. That's the weird part.

Yeah, it feels like losing a limb at first. But I guess you get used to it. Hey, there are harder things to get used to.

Anonymous said...

Change your proxy settings in AIM. If you access AIM through another port, you should be all set.

The Intardnets will tell you how. Just google it.

clipper829 said...

You could change your proxy settings, yes, or you could use AIM express - which is web-based. Just go to and click on "web express" - as long as you disable your pop-up blocker, you will be all set.

Moxie said...

Thanks for all the suggestions. I tried AIM express--even when I turn my popup blocker off it won't load my buddy window. I'll try to change my proxy settings, although what do I change them to?

Anonymous said...

Or, try this doohickey:

It's web-based IM.

Moxie said...

oh my god. ROCKS. Problem solved. THANK YOU!